Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Go To FUN SPOT

It's Friday night, you just got paid and you're friends are bored as all get-out. Let's go to Fun Spot.

Home to Go-Karts, Kiddie Rides and an arcade in awesome repair, Fun Spot is the best place in town to blow your paycheck. The places runs on the arm-band admission system. For $4.99 you can play all day in the arcade (minus the token-operated prize ticket/prize games), and for increasing increments you can jump onto carnival rides and go-kart tracks. The ultimate ticket, a staggering $35 plus tax, allows unlimited access for the day to the park. The fact that you didn't have to pay for parking, and the park gives you unlimited free soda ties into the price.

The gas powered go-karts charge across some rather impressive tracks, some a little startling. Try barreling down a ramp over fifteen miles per hour that happens to turn before plummeting agood thirty feet, or tokyo-drifting the slick track and crashing into the barricades. The karts are stocked, so they all go the same speed, allowing a good competition against friends. After riding, hop out and grab a cup of Mountain Dew and head towards the carnival rides, where you can challenge your girlfriend to a round of "Who Pukes Last". Once your clothes dry, head inside to the arcade to play some awesome 1980's and 90's coin-op games like Joust, Donkey Kong, Time Crisis and The Simpsons. Then rest your blistered hands at the snack bar, featuring actually decent prices on french fries and chicken fingers.

Despite the rather steep admission, the park offers a good place to play for the 16+ crowd. There's no booze, so no drunk driving on or off the tracks. Seeing that you could have easily spent over $15 person for a two-hour movie, Fun Spot gives the best bang for your buck.

P.S. Don't forget to print the $6 Off Coupons!