Sunday, October 19, 2008

SkyVenture really blows...literally.

Despite the commercials showing average people flying and having the time of their lives, I'd much sooner just jump off a building than go back to SkyVenture.

Cough up the forty-five dollar boarding fee, and your adventure begins. Actually, you're educational video to flying safely begins. The bulk of your forty-five minute journey is inside a classroom where you are taught via video how to fly. After Captain Obvious discloses the secrets of the highly-complicated "Thumbs-Up versus Thumbs-Down" system, you suit up into an itchy polyester suit and foam-lined helmet.

You line up to the flight chamber, where you and your soon to be airborne comrades await. One at a time, you enter the chamber with the instructor  and for three minutes you get to experience laying down above a jet engine. It's loud, it's painful and it's rather intimidating to look up to see giant spinning fan blades of death. Once your time is up, you step out of the chamber, and after your friends finish, you spend the remainder of your time watching the instructor Superman his way around the tube, doing the things you were told you were going to do.

All in all, it's a forty five dollar ticket to a giant fan and a three minute nap. Don't fall for it, pun intended.